Dwindlin The Middlin

So,   2017 and in the first few days I have shrunk down and fit into skinnier jeans and it feels GREAT!!!!

I haven’t made a specific resolution for a New Year in a few years.  I resolved to allow the journey to go wherever it takes me and to do it all year long.


Small manageable changes at a time that are easily adopted and not disruptive to my lifestyle.


Yes,  I still eat cheesecake.    Just not a whole cheesecake all at once.    Recently,  I have gotten into the buddy system and as often as possible share one piece with a friend.

Increase in physical activity are also slow and steady.    I am feeling better,  stronger and I feel improvement in both energy and stamina.

In coffee spoons,  not buckets,  have I measured out my progress.    Genuine slow and steady weight loss that never comes back.     I am consistently losing 1 to 5 pounds per month since my slight setback in 2012.   My baby steps are about the improvement of overall health and it is working.

Although I have no formal resolution specific to 2017.    I resolve to continue on my journey with high spirits and confidence in my fabulousness.

By this time next year,  whether my jeans get skinnier or not,  I am going to continue to Carpe My Diem. …WITH BOTH HANDS.

Bliss from Sister day January 2009
Bliss at the end of 2016 

Published by: BLISS

Just a gal who LOVES her job. Founder and Lead Publicist at Belle & Bliss Music Publicity. www.belleandbliss.com bliss@belleandbliss.com

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One thought on “Dwindlin The Middlin”

  1. So incredibly proud of the progress you have made.
    You are an inspiration to all you meet & I am so blessed to be a part of your journey & wisdom.
    Love it to the moon lady xoxo


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