Being The Big Friend. A FatChat Fan Submission

Hi there my fellow fat chat friends I am Irene and I weigh 240 lbs about 10 lbs less then my highest weight ever I didn’t even weigh this much when I was pregnant with my twins.

I have always been on the big side as most of my family is on the bigger side we are all tall I am about 5’10” tall.

I have always been the big friend all my friends have usually always been in the skinny side and I always wondered what it would be like to be skinny. I am a person who loves food and I work with food all day everyday as I am a chef for a living which makes it hard because I have to taste everything that is made weather it is healthy or not and if I don’t taste it I get in trouble so that has always been a downfall for me and with the hours I work I usually always eat late at night and it is never the right food. When it is busy I grab something quick just to scarf down because I usually don’t have time to sit and eat a properly meal.

I was raised by a single mom who didn’t always know how to parent or cook most times and did her best but she was again very obese most of my childhood. I remember being bulimic at times because I was desperately trying to lose weight and make everyone happy and I was tired of hearing you ” have such a beautiful face if only you would lose weight ” you would be so much more beautiful and that is where my body issues started.

I was also abused physically emotionally and verbally  and sexually by people in my life that said they loved me and cared about me so I thought that was the normal and I married a man who continued the verbal and emotional abuse for 10 years until I finally got the courage to leave him and start my life over.

I am looking at getting my butt off the couch a couple times a week to get healthy and happy and be around to watch my boys grow up and be able to keep up with them.

I unfortunately do not have any pictures of myself at any point in my life as they have been taken from me but I am taking back my life one day at time.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell my story

Belle&Bliss want to say thank you to Irene for having the courage to share her story and for supporting the Fat Chat Project.  Stay awesome Irene,  be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished in life and never let anyone make you feel bad about being a larger lady.    Keep up the fabulous work with your own small steps to improve health and continue to pursue happiness in your own way.  


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