Belle&Bliss F A T C H A T

Belle on Project F A T C H A T:    12249779_10153126951742213_7319831251373051048_nJust sharing my honest opinions and thoughts about making it in society as a plus sized woman.

Hoping that some of my struggles can be related to and help others to not feel so alone.




Bliss on Project F A T C H A T:  1923569_10156376664810243_6383555827498417517_nAs someone who has rocked it sexy at 325lb and at 125lb and every number in between,  I am hoping to share some of my uber self esteem with my chicklets in chub.  It doesn’t matter what you do to look beautiful if after every dollar you spend you still feel ugly and after every pound you lose you still feel fat.    Weight loss should be about health,  and only health.  That leaves A LOT of the “weight loss industry”  off the list.   Get your sexy on….we are gonna rock that self image into such high gear that you will be making decisions that make you feel good,  not that make you
one size fits all.


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